Math Activities

In Math in Term 3, we focus on mastery and instant recall for multiplication facts up to 5x5 and their related division facts.  We look at multiplication in many different ways such as repeated adding (5+5+5 = 15 is the same as 3x5 = 15) and making arrays.  We also discuss repeated subtraction and making equal groups when learning to understand division. 

We have already started practicing our facts and making equations for given arrays. 

Any family games with counting, adding or subtracting money/points or problem solving are wonderful for keeping skills sharp.  My favourite is Yahtzee as it uses repeated addition as multiplication. Card or dice games are also great for practicing Math skills!  


Here are some resources that can help support your child's learning.

Students have used the IXL Cold Lake website throughout the school year to practice outcomes.  Our Grade 3 curriculum for AB is under the Grade 2 tab on this website.  If students can't remember their login info, please email me at and I can help!

IXL Cold Lake - Math Practice


TumbleMath - This website features story books about Math topics.  There are online books, quizzes and lesson plans and printable activities!



This website is from and focuses solely on Grade 3 Math outcomes.

Math 3 Under the Sea

Term 1 Outcomes

I count forward and backward by 3,4,5,10,25 and 100

I represent, describe, compare and order numbers to 1000

I illustrate the meaning of place value up to 1000

I estimate quantities less than 1000.

Term 2 Outcomes

I describe and apply mental math strategies for basic facts and for adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. 

I estimate 2-digit sums and differences. 

I add and subtract 1, 2 and 3-digit numbers with answers to 1000. 

I solve one-step addition and subtraction equations involving an unknown number.

I understand increasing and decreasing patterns.

I sort objects or numbers using one or more attributes.

Term 3 Outcomes

I understand multiplication to 5x5.

I understand division related to multiplication to 5x5.

I understand fractions.

I relate seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years to solve problems.

I understand perimeter of regular and irregular shapes.

I collect and organize first-hand data.