Science Activities

In Term 3 of Science, students learn about different methods of joining or fastening building materials together.  Students are already experts as identifying strong shapes to reinforce structures.  We have used various household items to create structures and focused on their stability (toothpicks/marshmallow, straws/tape, index cards with modelling clay foundations to support milk cartons of marbles, etc.).  You can be creative at home in creating structures with stability in mind!

We also look at Rocks and Minerals including layers of the Earth, different rocks found at each layer (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous), and properties of rocks and minerals that help classify them.


DKFindout! website to explore rocks and minerals information

Rocks and Minerals

Term 1 Outcomes

I describe and classify a variety of animals based upon appearance

I describe and predict the growth and development of an animal

I understand what is needed to care and protect animals

I describe animal adaptations to different environments.

Term 2 Outcomes

I recognize, compare, evaluate and improve upon the strength and stability of structures.

I recognize that vibrations produce sound and affect pitch and volume. 

I describe sound and show ways of making and controlling it.

I describe changes in hearing from aging and/or exposure to noise.


Term 3 Outcomes

I select and safely use appropriate material and techniques to design, construct and test structures that are intended for a specific purpose.

I apply procedures to test strength, design and methods of joining.

I compare, identify, describe and classify rocks and minerals based on properties.

I recognize and describe components of rocks, minerals and soil and their uses.